A band with a passion for 60s sounds

Senior Class is a band with a passion for 60s sounds, including British Invasion, Garage and Surf.


Senior Class is a band with a focus on unearthing the beautiful sounds of the 60s and beyond, tipping the hat off to influences as diverse as garage, surf, beat, and pretty much everything in between! Currently, Senior Class performs a range of cover songs, including numbers by bands like The Sonics, The Yardbirds, Chuck Berry and Dick Dale. However, they are adding some original tunes to their set list.

12 September

Beat Garage
& Surf


Senior Class is more than just a band: it’s a time machine, and the destination is the 1960s! Come see them as they breathe new life into classic tracks by bands like The Kinks, Dick Dale or The Sonics.


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